Digital automation and transformation is becoming an absolute necessity to enterprises to maintain their competitive advantage, in some cases even to keep their business existence.

This webinar would showcase a very common business use case of Sales order fulfillment process as part of our Digital Automation solution using Boomi. The use case works in a B2B environment with multiple partners. As business grows, the volume of sales order transactions grow for most companies. These orders can come from a large number of partners and in many different formats. Typically, these transactions are recorded and managed differently in different ERP systems by the companies.  So, given these complexities, companies need a scalable automation system to ensure quick processing time to maintain their competitive advantages. Therefore, it calls for a modern digital platform that can streamline, validate, and route the transactions in a secured manner with changing business rules with clear visibility. Our solution adopted a very scalable integration architecture. It is API driven, uses workflow based orchestration, enterprise messaging queues and event based integration process.

The use case demonstrated here uses multiple data formats such as EDI, JSON, XML, CSV etc. The data transport protocol used is SFTP. The solution follows a canonical design approach for high scalability. The integration platform used is Boomi and the destination ERP system used is Oracle EBS. The solution is also available for SAP and can be extended to any other ERP systems.

Along with this, a GUI application has been developed using Boomi flow, for ease of use for the business user, to view and manage different sales orders being processed within the system. This application also has a secured user and access control management module, which provides different levels of privilege to different type of registered users, using this application.

This solution showcases the possibilities of different functionalities currently available, and can be enhanced further to cater to specific needs of the customer.