Trading Partner Automation

B2B (Business-to-Business) is a process, where business transactions happens between two or more companies, rather than between a company and an individual (which is referred to as B2C – Business to Consumer). These companies involved in B2B activities, would normally be referred to as “Trading Partners” and the transactions could be related to financials or manufacturing or logistics or any other activity, including services, which a company normally would be involved with. Over a period of time, the process of achieving B2B transactions, has moved from traditional way of data communication to highly automated one. With multiple software systems involved in these transactions, integration of these software was the need of the hour, so that human intervention is greatly reduced which, in turn, increases the turn-around-time of services being rendered by the company, and there-by leading to cost effectiveness for all the trading partners.

Integration of these software systems are a highly skilled job, which requires vast knowledge and expertise on the domain in which the company is involved with. Along with this, choosing the right (and latest) technology is a key factor, as these activities are always planned for long term to facilitate or improve business services and efficiencies. System-Integration (SI) can be achieved right from legacy / home grown systems to big ERP systems (which can be either on-premise servers or on cloud).

Teqtron has been into System-Integration practice for many years now, with expertise in integrating different systems using well established software platforms viz. Oracle’s SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Boomi’s Cloud Platform, Mulesoft et al. The data sources could be Oracle ERP, SAP, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), EDI etc. Teqtron, with its strong delivery process in place, and Digital Automation Experts, has delivered it services on the system integration solutions, to multiple companies, which includes some of the Fortune 500 companies.