TeqVas v1.0 – on Oracle SOA

Economic conditions across the world is tough and complex. Companies are forced to do more with less and maintain their bottom line. B2B allows companies to achieve seamless operational advantage with new emerging standards and significant savings by reducing the cost of doing business. SOA has emerged as the premier integration and architecture framework in today’s complex and heterogeneous computing environment. Web services are implemented it as services delivered over the web using technologies such as XML, Web Services Description Language (WSDL), and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). With the proliferation of cloud with emergence of SaaS along with the platform and infrastructure, B2B architecture with SOA will be the road to enterprise application integration.

TeqTron Value Added Solutions (TeqVAS) is a flexible B2B integrated solution based on Oracle SOA, capable to execute and validate supplier’s lot transactions in real time. Despite a primary focus on the semiconductor industry, this flexible solution can cover many industry verticals such as Solar, Metal and other allied industries to provide an end-to end integrated seamless business solution.

TeqVAS is deployed at EXAR Corporation (NYSE: EXAR), a semiconductor company, a leading supplier of digital and analog signal products. EXAR has been able to successfully on-board all supply-chain partners with varying IT expertise levels within 4 months.

Watch the video for a demo on TeqVas !!