PLM Practice

TeqTron’s PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) practice specializes in Oracle Agile PLM. Our Team has built a unique yet rapid implementation methodology – ‘TRIM’ that helps our clients achieve the benefit of Agile PLM in a short period of time. Our consulting team is very knowledgeable on all facets of Agile PLM. We help our clients leverage our knowledge base and help implement Oracle’s Agile PLM, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise PLM solution. Following are the key areas of our build process solution that we deploy during an Agile PLM implementation.

• Supply chain Process
• Items, BOM & AML Management
• PLM-ERP Integration Process
• NPI Process
• Access Control / Security Model
• Problem Report / NCR Process
• Supplier Corrective Action
• Closed Loop Quality Process
• Compliance Declaration
• Supplier Collaboration
• Business Process Improvements
• PPM Project Management
• Change Management

Our team has developed a variety of solutions leveraging Oracle Agile PLM to help our clients getting full benefits of Agile PLM solution and make Supply Chain process seamless. Below is an highlight of the few areas where our team is working for pre-built solutions.

• Class Configuration
• Workflow Set-up
• Roles & Privileges set-up
• Events / PX / WSX
• ACS Set-up
• Agile – Oracle Integration
• ECAD / MCAD Integration
• Platform Administration
• Agile Configuration Propagation
• BI Reporting
• Installation
• Agile Upgrade/Data Migration
• Load Balancer set-up
• System Architecture

Agile – Oracle Integration

We are in the advanced stage of releasing our new Agile-Oracle integration process that will help our clients build a seamless product management system between Agile and Oracle.
• It is a highly scalable, SOA based, configurable bi-directional integration system
• It allows you to map the attributes between Agile and Oracle
• It is UI based solution
• Deployment is rapid, seamless, robust and at lower cost