R12 Upgrade

Upgrade is a big decision. Many questions araises that are not well answered. An informed decision is key to success. Some of the important ones are:

– What are the drivers of upgrade

– Business value to upgrade

– Should we Re-implement or Upgrade

– What should be the upgrade scope

– What is the cost and time involved

TeqTron has built a methodology (TeqR12) that helps you understand all of the above and take an informed decision. We prepare you with an environment that will show you how your R12 should look like and you can take an informed decision that can make a successful upgrade.

TeqR12 methodology is built with Years of Experience. Our expert team guides you in all phases of the project and works as a unified team. Our proven model of on-site/off-site/off-shore makes it cost competitive with a quality that our customers are proud of.