Teqtron values its partners, and strives to have a healthy business relationship with them.  Some of the key partners which Teqtron is associated with is:

Teqtron has entered into a strategic partnership with Boomi, and Boomi recognises Teqtron as a value-added-partner !! Click here to know more.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP), considered as one of the leading service providers on Cloud technology, provides host of cloud based services to its customers, through their partners, few of them being very skilled in nature. Teqtron Inc, which has strong systems integration expertise, is proud to associate itself with Google as one of their Systems Integrator (SI) Partner.
Considering that an increasing number of companies are shifting towards communicating programmatically through API’s via the internet, and with Google’s Apigee being a leader with a comprehensive API Platform, Teqtron has partnered with Apigee to provide API based solutions to its customers.
Teqtron is proud to be an Oracle Silver Partner. It allows Teqtron to showcase its services or applications that interoperate with Oracle Cloud Solutions by publishing on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace