Cloud Native

Teqtron help enterprises to build open hybrid cloud to achieve digital transformation. Existing applications can be containerized using cloud native technologies to join with new Microservices architecture. Legacy and new applications can be deployed on new platform for faster business transformation with agility. Cloud native platform built with open source software can move between on-premise and multi-vendor clouds without modification. Kubernetes, Istio and OpenAPI will form the base of cloud native platform. Teqtron help enterprises to achieve digital transformation in short time and affordable cost. Istio will help to achieve fault resilience in all kinds of applications. Istio allow centralized monitoring and support for applications deployed on Microservices Architecture. OpenAPI based RESTful services will unlock legacy data to be used in modern applications to achieve better user experience. OpenAPI based gateways will glue together Microservices and platform services. Service Mesh and API gateways will provide a unified interface to deploy, secure, control and monitor multi-cloud applications. Istio and OpenAPI will allow monolithic application to transition to a distributed Microservices architecture easily.


Cloud Integration Service

Teqtron help customers to connect applications, data and services across multiple clouds and on-premises. Integration can be extended to use best in class SaaS products available for each business use cases. Integration service will allow to use existing legacy application and data for new digital business without an upgrade or re-write. Companies can achieve operational efficiency and agility by using integration platforms available on cloud. Companies can innovate new products and services by using existing digital assets.