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Teqtron specializes in facilitating implementation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), its overall management, and helps bridge the gap from legacy to modern supply chain platforms using Digital automation, and transformation.

Our core areas of expertise include Next Generation Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), supply-chain B2B automation, and digital transformation. Over the years, Teqtron has been instrumental in implementing these solutions, building integrations with other enterprise systems, and effectively managing them.


We are specialized in guiding, implementing next-generation PLM by adopting newer technology platforms, leveraging innovations, enhancing connectivity with other enterprise systems, enabling efficient data exchange and synchronization, ensuring scalability, and providing robust data analytics capabilities. This approach aligns with the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0 and the broader digital transformation trends.

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Navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities ahead to achieve greater performance, scale and competitiveness.

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Our Expertises

PLM management and transformation story

Many companies are holding the legacy systems for long. Transforming legacy PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems to next-generation platforms is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and efficient. Our adept PLM team understands it all. We help transform it to the next generation PLM platforms.

Digital Automation story

Navigating the complexities of modern business, especially within supply chain management, requires agility and adaptability. By bridging the gap from legacy to modern technology platforms, Teqtron digital automation and transformation enables companies to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and stay competitive in today's dynamic market environment.

Teqtron’s Rules Engine

In today's data-driven landscape, Teqtron's Rules Engine stands as a beacon of efficiency. Say goodbye to manual data filtering woes with our intuitive user interface. Seamlessly adapt to evolving needs and unlock your business's full potential. Ready to revolutionize? Explore the power of Teqtron's Rules Engine now.

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